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Company Profile

“Gusto Furniture” is a family owned company that produces luxury furnishings with the finest elaboration and quality. Since our very beginning In the 1970s, we have dedicated ourselves to provide glamorous classical furniture crafted in depth with impeccable design and subtlety and we have attributed our agile ability to offer a legendary service to our customers.

In particular, we cherish the peculiar and individual pieces that you will not meet in any other place. We are arrogantly proud to offer you the unique and top quality, elegant furniture.

All the products in our Brand rooms are manufactured in our own mill. To maintain exclusivity, Gusto Furniture is simply intended to pursue the policy of offering limited edition furniture suites. In production phase, we proceed only with natural wood used by talented craftsmen and our sample models are neatly designed by Italian & European designers. The fabrics on our furniture are specifically designed and weaved in limited quantity. By any means necessary, we are following boutique style.

Our Mission

Delivering happiness by serving the best.

Our Vision

Reviving the notorious Italian, French, British and Ottoman antiques and crossing them with Gusto Furniture’s characteristics to create endless but forever-today’s classics.

Timeless Classics

As per order, you may well wish to work with our team to help design a custom piece that meets your own personal requirements and we will exchange views with you all the way through to deliver a truly unique, customisable and quality product.

Your values mean for us

Listening is momentous for us by means of producing the exquisite forms of furniture that most fit your demands and values.

Environmental Commitment

Gusto Furniture is not only committed to making wonderful furniture, but we are also committed to the sustainability of our planet’s limited resources. We strive to reduce, reuse, and recycle manufacturing by-products and employ other creative solutions to conserve natural resources


Born in UAE in 1999 Gusto is one of the most preferred classic furniture showrooms in the UAE. Since 1999 , Gusto launched its luxurıous brandrooms in Sharjah and at the heart of Dubai.


In 2002 Gusto moved in to its luxurious 1500 m2 brandroom in Sharjah Furniture Complex with wide range of furniture and accessories.


İn 2004 equiped with an in depth knowledge of design and quality, Gusto started its joint-venture partnership with top class italian firms.


In 2011, Gusto has the launch of GUSTO DUBAI BR with its exclusive label. Today GUSTO DUBAİ exhibits high end classic furniture of Italy.


2012 was an important year for us to celebrate our 10 th year anniversary in the UAE. To celebrate GUSTO anniversary, an exceptional 10 th year limited edition GUSTO GOLDEN COLLECTION is presented.


2013 We have launched events in Cavalli Club Celebrity Launge.

Gusto Press


Gusto Furniture is proud to announce a revolutionary first of it kind effort for the best furniture store in Dubai to bring couple of top brands under one roof.

New Arrival of Mirror & Handmade Chairs in Dubai

Since the beginning of 2014, Gusto furniture has shown a significant growth by signing new contracts with top Italian furniture brands and manufacturers to extend its quality.

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