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Launching Luxury and Elegance

Luxury and elegance has no limit and that has been proved already over the number of years by a well-known furniture store in Dubai. Gusto furniture is offering a tantalizing glimpse into the luxurious lifestyle available to residents of United Arab Emirates and neighboring countries with the opening of a sumptuous new Custom made hand painted dining room collection arrived Dubai for the first time.

Gusto furniture prides them in being specialists in the supply of high quality painted handmade furniture including collections for the bedroom, living room and dining room furniture and accessories. Their finest collections are hand built from high quality wood and then hand painted to the customers’ requirements in a wide range of traditional or vibrant colors. The new dining collections provide an ever-increasing range of painted furniture that represents exceptional value for money whilst enabling the customer to put their own unique twist on their brand new furniture from Gusto.

Gusto furniture’s brand new collections, along with a number of their other designs, can be enjoyed in their very own dedicated showrooms in Dubai and Sharjah. Gusto furniture has a well-known name among the best furniture stores in Dubai and Sharjah in terms of Classic and elegant furniture. Gusto has a state of the art facility to give the perfect image of the furniture. The range of classic and elegant furniture allows gusto to satisfy its customers by providing timeless furniture. Gusto furniture allows its customers from other countries and remote areas to check their classic and elegant collection online, the user can log in to the website and check the latest collection.

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Gusto Furniture is proud to announce a revolutionary first of it kind effort for the best furniture store in Dubai to bring couple of top brands under one roof.

New Arrival of Mirror & Handmade Chairs in Dubai

Since the beginning of 2014, Gusto furniture has shown a significant growth by signing new contracts with top Italian furniture brands and manufacturers to extend its quality.

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